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List Currently Showing Topic: Industrial/Hazardous Material

* Technology and ARFF: Saving Lives Through Innovation
Credit Hours: 4 Viewing Format(s): PDF Fee: $25.00 Purchase / Take Exam
Faculty: Jeff Giraud


A look at four essential elements of aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF): agents, applications, appliances, and apparatus.

Educational Objectives:
  1. Identify and know the current status of the four essential elements of ARFF—Agents, Applications, Appliances, and Apparatus.
  2. Understand the timeline of ARFF’s operations: where the general strategies and tactics came from and where they are headed.
  3. Know some basic concepts with which all ARFF firefighters should be familiar, including the melting point of aluminum, the toxicity of the environment, and the priorities of operation.
  4. Recognize how current and future technologies may enhance ARFF, including thermal imaging

Big Storms, Big Emergencies
Credit Hours: 4 Viewing Format(s): PDF Fee: $25.00 Purchase / Take Exam
Faculty: Jerry Knapp


In this course, discuss the reason unusual conditions lead to unusual problems during big storms and iscover how to preplan with your local utility. Learn the hazards bystanders pose to first responders and how to identify critical and dangerous infrastructure in your area.

Emergency Response to Hybrid Bus Incidents
Not Rated
Credit Hours: 4 Viewing Format(s): PDF Fee: $25.00 Purchase / Take Exam
Faculty: Thomas Crist


Are you familiar with the types of buses operated in your jurisdiction? Although some of the same principles of operating around hybrid cars apply to hybrid buses, remember that everything is heavier and bigger in the bus. This course will describe the system design, emergency procedures, extrication and firefighting concerns with hybrid buses.

Fire Tactics for Attached Garages
Credit Hours: 4 Viewing Format(s): PDF Fee: $25.00 Purchase / Take Exam
Faculty: Bill Gustin


Attached garages are filled with fire loads that can cause an incipient fire to rapidly intensify and take possession of the entire house. Learn what specific fire loads are typically encountered; the proper size-up considerations for fires in attached garages; Hoseline placement considerations; and methods to force overhead garage doors.

Firefighter Safety Depends on Gas Detector Accuracy
Credit Hours: 4.00 Viewing Format(s): PDF Fee: $25.00 Purchase / Take Exam
Faculty: Bruce Lake


Departments can reduce the chance of injuries from natural gas explosions by maximizing the accuracy of gas detection equipment and training personnel to correctly interpret gas readings.

Response to Homemade Explosives
Credit Hours: 4 Viewing Format(s): PDF Fee: $25.00 Purchase / Take Exam
Faculty: August Vernon


 First responders will be faced with myriad challenges when responding to IED/HME incidents. August Vernon discusses how to identify IEDs and HMEs and their principle hazards, as well as how to guard against intitial and secondary attacks. This course provides the first responder with the means to respond, identify, safeguard and mitigate IED/HME incidents.

Storage Tank Fires: Is Your Department Prepared?
Credit Hours: 4 Viewing Format(s): Text  / PDF Fee: $25.00 Purchase / Take Exam
Faculty: Craig H. Shelley


Although the frequency of tank fires has decreased, tank size has increased. Fires in these larger tanks can be extremely hazardous as well as costly in terms of property and environmental damage and business interruption.