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List Currently Showing Topic: Apparatus

* Courage to Be Safe/Everyone Goes Home: A Look Inside the Program
Credit Hours: 4 Viewing Format(s): PDF Fee: $25.00 Purchase / Take Exam
Faculty: Ron Kanterman


We need to instill the safety culture in the current and the future generation of firefighters. Here are some tools and tips for getting the safety message to hit home in your department.

Educational Objectives:
  1. Understand the meaning and intent of the 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives (LSIs).
  2. Understand how to implement the 16 LSIs in their fire department.
  3. Discover how to evaluate what their department’s status is in relation to firefighter safety.
  4. Have the tools to implement change.

Avoiding Tire-related Vehicle Crashes
Credit Hours: 4 Viewing Format(s): Text  / PDF Fee: $25.00 Purchase / Take Exam
Faculty: Chris Daly


In addition to driving speed and the driver's lack of training, hydroplaning and tire blowouts are two other factors that contribute to fatal accidents.

Quick Drills for the Chief Officer
Credit Hours: 4 Viewing Format(s): PDF Fee: $25.00 Purchase / Take Exam
Faculty: Steve Prziborowski


One of the most important responsibilities a chief officer has is ensuring their personnel are properly trained for any type of emergency they may be faced with. Because of reduced staffing and budgets, a chief officer cannot rely on the administrative training division staff to be able to provide all of the necessary training for their personnel. Thus, it is critical for a chief officer to find the time to provide quality training to their company officers and their personnel, while being creative and thorough in the process.This course provides chief officers with sound drill topics to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of their training.

The Hazards of Modified Fire Apparatus and Extended Passenger Vans
Credit Hours: 4 Viewing Format(s): Text  / PDF Fee: $25.00 Purchase / Take Exam
Faculty: Chris Daly


When departments purchase used vehicles designed for other purposes and convert them into firefighting vehicles, it could have disastrous results. A look at the risks and how to reduce them.